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Calendar of Events

January : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 13  PITA CEO Forum @PTC17  Honolulu
 14  PITA Members Meeting @PTC17  Honolulu
 15-18  PTC'17  Honolulu
February : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 26-30  APRICOT-APNIC 43 Conf  Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam
March : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 21-23  ITU ASP RDF & RPM for WTDC17  Bali
April : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 03-07  PITA 21st AGM  Cook Islands
May : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 23-25  CommunicAsia 2017  Singapore
July : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 03-07  PacNOG 20  Suva, Fiji
 11-14  GSR  Bahamas
August : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 15-18  WShop on Submarine Cable-Enhancing Access ITU-PITA  Suva, Fiji
 TBC  Marketing Forum & Seminars  Honiara, Solomon Island
October : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 02-06  Business Continuity Mgmnt & Network Resilience WST  Nadi, Fiji by default
 09-20  WTDC17  Buenos Aires, Argentina
November : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 20-23  PITA NGN Forum'17 & ITU/PITA Strategy Implementati  Nadi, Fiji
December : 2017
 Date  Event  Venue
 04-08  PacNOG 21  TBA
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