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Calendar of Events

January : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 17-20  PTC 21  online
February : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 22-26  APRICOT 21 - technical training  online
 23-25  GSMA MWC Shanghai  online
 24-26  APT 2nd Meeting PG for WTDC21  online
March : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 01-04  APRICOT 21/APNIC 51 meetings & conference  online
 09-10  ITU RPM for Asia Pacific for WTDC2021  online
 16-18  GSMA WAS # 13  online
 26-28  PITA Members Meeting & Exposition  online
April : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 21  PITA 25th AGM  virtual
June : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 28-01  GSMA MWC Barcelona  online
July : 2021
 Date  Event  Venue
 06-14  PacNOG 28  virtual
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