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2nd PITA CEO Forum - online

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PITA online

Event Date
.....18 Aug, 2020

Terms and Conditions
Exclusive for CEOs from PITA Full Members.

Related Document : PITA 2nd CEO Forum Flyer(04).pdf

About the CEO Forum
A special forum for the CEOs to meet and discuss on topics that matters to them

This 2nd CEO Forum is an ongoing sequel to the  focus on COVID impact, response, and managing business continuity, development and innovation.

This forum is hosted by the PITA Online platform

Date & Time [UTC +12 Fiji Time]
18 August 2020
11:00 - 13:00

Draft Agenda:

  • Welcome & EC Notes
  • Appraisal & highlights by CEOs
  • Key Industry Impacts by GSMA
  • Facilitated Session:
    Explore the Economic Imperatives and Response to COVID for the Pacific Islands
  • Notes & Action Points
  • Other Matters
  • Next Events & Wrap Up
  • End

Session Details
Refer to the Flyer in the Related Documents above

For any enquiries, contact the PITA Manager

Coming Up! Sep/Oct

PITA 2nd Technical and Business Forum

Day 1 (with GSMA)
- Empowering Digital Transformation
- Policy & Regulatory Enablers

Day 2-3
Technical & Business forum covering operations, development, proposals for new solutions and initiatives.

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