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PacNOG 10th Educational Workshop & Training

Noumea, New Caledonia

Event Date
2) 21-26 November, 2011

Terms and Conditions
Pre-Requisites would be mandatory for all tracks

Related Document : Application form_PacNOG10.doc
Related Document : PacNOG 10_Participants Information_Oct11.pdf

PacNOG 10th Educational workshop and training is a continuation of capacity development program for the IP-ISP network operators from the Pacific Islands

In addition to the training and practical hands-on sessions, PacNOG events serve also to provide an informal networking forum that usually extends beyond the training classrooms for these network operators and trainers in regards to key operational topics, issues, and sharing of experiences.


Agenda developed in conjunction with the countries and trainers constitute the tentative program as follows:

Day 1
- Conference on practical topics and exchanges on networks
Tutorial on DNS-DNSSEC

Day 2-6:
Training & Lab Session Tracks

Track 1: BGP IPv4/IPv6 Workshop

Track 2:
LINUX Systems, SysAdmin & Management Tools, IP Fundamentals, PHP/LAMP

Track 3: Internet and Network Security Fundamentals 

The PacNOG 10 is hosted by OPT New Caledonia

Appreciation of support and sponsors
PacNOG educational workshop and training is made possible with the initial and ongoin support of many organisations with common interests in the capacity development of local skills and competencies with IP-ISP network, its operations, services and enhancements.

For PacNOG 10 event, appreciation is extended to APNIC, National Startup Resources Center (NSRC), PCH & Team Cymru with the support of trainer specialists, and ICANN with APNIC for the additional support to PITA with the event.

Venue & Participant Information
More information will be available shortly

Registrations, Selection & Pre-requiasites
All interested participants are required apply using the attached Application Form. Meeting pre-requisites will be important for successful applications.

For any information and enqueries, contact the PacNOG10 Program Committee secretariat

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