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Policy & Regulation Forum for Pacific_by APT

Sheraton Hotel, Nadi, Fiji

Event Date
1) 23-25 July 2012

Terms and Conditions
As per Organised by APT

Related Document : Participants Information PRF-P_v3.pdf
Related Document : Agenda APT-PRFP2012_V16.pdf

APT is to hold its 5th Policy & Regulation forum for Pacific [APT PRF-P] in Nadi Fiji on 23-25 July 2012.

Hosted by the Ministry of Communications FIJI, and supported by PITA, this APT 5th PRF-P event is held back to back with the ITU-CTO Pacific Broadband Forum which is to be held in the same venue on 26-28 July 2012

Registrations to the APT 5th PRF-P

APT Members will be required to register their attendances with the APT Secretariat through the Form provided with Invitation. For any assistance contact

PITA Members can register using online registration on this web page. (now closed)

The APT Pacific Forum on Telecommunication Policy and Regulation (PRF), initiated in 2008 provides an excellent forum for discussion on common policy and regulatory issues of the region.  It has provided the members and key stakeholders with the understanding and knowledge of the policy and regulatory best practices and information of emerging issues that countries need to consider in regulating their telecom environments and proving an enabling and sustainable environment for the telecom industry.


Objectives of the Policy and Regulatory Forum are: 
"Bring the telecommunications and ICT policy makers, regulators and key stakeholders from the region together to a common platform for a dialogue on issues faced by them as a result of the unprecedented changes taking place in the ICT sectors.
"Provide an opportunity to the policy makers, regulators and key stakeholders to share information, best practices and experiences for the common benefit of the member countries.
"Provide consultative support to members on one to one basis when required.
"Promote sharing of expertise for addressing key issues of concern to the APT members.
"Facilitating intra regional collaboration on policy and regulatory issues as required.
"Facilitating the PRF to provide substantial inputs to the Global Symposium of Regulators (GSR) and regional preparatory meetings for WTSA, WRC, and relevant international meetings 

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