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PITA Members Meeting @PTC'20 - "registration closed*

Honolulu, Hawaii

Event Date
j) 18 January, 2020

Terms and Conditions
Exclusive to PITA Members only - all categories and invited speakers and observers.

Related Document : Wiki Form for Proposals to speak.docx
Related Document : Sponsoring2 at the PITA Meetings @PTC.pdf

Registrations closed 10 Jan 2020 (Fiji time). Any registrations submitted after that, or sent via cached forms will not be successfully received.

The PITA Members Meeting, at the PTC'20 Annual Conference and Exhibition, will be held at the following date & time:

    Date: 18 January 2020
    Time: 09:00am - 16:30pm; 08:30 registration opens
    Venue: Pacific 1 & 2 Room, PTC'20, Honolulu

1. Membership update on PITA Administration, Membership Matters and Activities for 2019
2. Discussion of possible inputs and topics for Work Plan 2020
3. Conference  and Discussions on Developing Telecommunications in the Pacific - refer to Agenda in Related Documents above

Speaker proposals
Opportunities to speak at the conference sessions are now open for proposal. Refer Speaking Request Form in the Related Documents above.

To be considered for the speaking spaces at the meeting sessions, all requests must reach the PITA Manager before 20 November 2019. Speaking spaces will be allocated by the PITA Committee according to the relevance, practical value and level of interests of the topic proposed, scope of discussions described and justifications.

Sponsor Opportunities
Opportunities for support and sponsors are available; refer to Related Documents above

To Register
All participants must pre-register online using the registration form available above. Failure to pre-register may result in being refused access to the meeting room if logistics and provisions are limited.

Online Registrations will close by 07 Janaury, 2020

Late Registrations
Member participants deciding to attend after 07 January 2020 must write to the PITA Manager for availability of facilities provisioned (seating, tea and lunch). Walk in registrations may not be given access to these facilities.

Who can register
PITA Members Meeting are exclusive to PITA Members only from all categories, i.e.
    - Full Members
    - Associate Members
    - Special Category Members for Government and Regulatory Agencies
To check if your organisation is a member, click here , contact the PITA Manager

For non-members interested in attending, kindly contact the PITA Manager

List of PITA Meetings @PTC 2020
PITA Meetings in PTC 2020 include the following:

•17 Jan:   1030-1230: PITA CEO forum
               1230-1400: PITA Sponsored lunch seminar
               1400-1530: PITA CEO Workshop
The above meetings are open to Full Members only, CEOs and who are nominated by CEOs 

•18 Jan: PITA Members Meeting - This meeting is open to all member categories, invited speakers and observers.

•19 Jan: Pacific Workshop (click for info) - open to PTC registered attendees

Previous events
[2019] [2018: 1; 2; 3] [2017: 1; 2; 3; 4].. contact PITA Manager for more information or for earlier previous meetings

For any advanced interests, enquiries, contact the PITA Manager

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