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Advanced Mobile Infrastructure Planning & Security Workshop

Nadi, Fiji

Event Date
h) 23-25 Oct,2019

Related Document : Tentative Agenda_Mobile Planning-Security WS19.pdf
Related Document : Participant Information(3) Strategy Forum 2019.pdf
Related Document : Sami Tabbane Biography.pdf

About this Workshop
This 3 days workshop will be held back to back with the PITA Strategy Forum 2019, and aims to address the knowledge and skills needs for Pacific in advancing effective mobile technologies, its planning and security for 4G, 5G and related technology applications. Working group activities will also be included for practical demonstrations of knowledge and skills, and can extend to problem solving of critical issues and needs of common nature.

This workshop is organised with the ITU.

..refer to Related Documents above -Tentative Agenda

About the Trainer
refer to related Documents above -Sami Tabbane bio

Participant Information
..refer to related Documents. This event will follow on from the PITA Strategy Forum 

To register
..all attendees must pre-register using the online form available above; This is now closed with all seats taken

About the Workshop Facilitator/Trainer
Mr Sami Tabbane

For assistance or any questions, contact the PITA Manager

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