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PacNOG 28


Event Date
....29 June 2021

PacNOG 28 is a continuation of the Network Operators information exchange and capacity building forum in the Pacific. Partners are APNIC, ICANN, NSRC and PITA,

Topics revolve around the engineering, design, operations, development and security of internet networks and IP based network services,


The focus with PacNOG 28 is to re-examine the internet network engineering fundamentals in the aim to build and strengthen fundamental capacities with internet network operators. 

This focus take into consideration the submitted feedbacks from the community on this need and as well as the impact of COVID for a new normal and changes that may involve re-shuffles, and changes in human resources with our members.

Click on the image below to access Program, Agenda and Participant Information

Who can attend

Attendance is by applications, using the pre-registering form available at the link above and Register Button available on the event site by clicking on the Image

Pre-registration Requirements and Notes

Important notes to consider for registration are as follows:
  • Pre-registration and Application to join – closing date 17 June 2021.
  • Pre-registration will be required for our assessments.
  • We will email successful applicants by 21 June
  • There will be a limit to 28 participants for the workshop sessions from Day 2 onwards
  • Those only who can complete the entire course are requested to apply. Repeat sessions can be considered if on demand.
  • Participation dropouts are recorded and will have their Application less prioritised in future offerings.
Call for Proposals 

Organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to topics and activities at PacNOG 28 are welcome to submit their proposals to the PITA Manager

Priority will be given to topics and activities that promote and support the capacity development of Pacific Island internet network engineers on current and emerging priorities and needs.

PacNOG 28 is made possible through the partnerships and support of APNIC, ICAAN, NSRC, and PITA

For any assistance, contact the PITA Manager
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