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PacNOG5: 6th Meeting & educational workshop for Pacific Islands ISP/IP Network Operators

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Tahiti, French Polynesia

Event Date
1.) 14-20 June 2009

Terms and Conditions
This training is for ISP, National network operators & service providers from countries or states within the Pacific Islands, institutional and enterprise IP Network operators, and all network operators including new start up networks from the Pacific Islands, with focus on developing and engendering greater networking and exchanges from Pacific Islands for learning and resolving operational challenges and needs. There will be some fees levied to help recover some of the costs in expanding hosting to accommodate the numbers, however, members of PITA and Members of APNIC and PICISOC who are also members of PITA will have their fees covered by their membership.

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PacNOG5 is a continuation of the Pacific Islands Network Operators and Service Providers meeting and education workshop to discuss key IP Network operational issues and requirements and receive training

To provide a forum and venue for service providers in the Pacific Network community to meet and discuss current issues as well as receive technical training.

- To build relationships among individual and institutional contacts in the Pacific region. A key outcome of the workshop will be the building of relationships with peers/colleagues in the region and among the instructors.

Agenda - refer to link above

More Information
For registrations and further information contact the

PITA Training Coordinator (,
or the PITA Manager (


PacNOG main web site

PacNOG 1 workshop web site

PacNOG 2 workshop web site

PacNOG 3 workshop web site

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Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA)


Network Startup Resource Center

Internet Society Workshop Resource Centre

Internet Society workshops

PacNOG5 is to be hosted by OPT French Polynesia (
Details of previous PACNOG events are available at


Kind support from Cisco Systems, Network Startup Resource Center, University of Oregon, National Science Foundation, O'Reilly Media, APNIC, ISOC, ICANN, ITU, InternetNZ.
have made previous training an effective forum in building local capacity in this key area of communications for the Pacific Islands. We look forward to continuing support and also support from other interested organisations.

For registrations and further information, contact the PITA Training Coordinator
, or PITA Manager

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