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Development Meeting: Telecommunications Workshop for Policy & Regulatory

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Event Date
.....05-06 Oct, 2021

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In conjunction with International Partners, the development meeting for this group aims to provide the additional opportunity to further share and exchange on 

  • Small Islands issues and needs
  • Regulation in the fast Industry trends
  • Competition in market evolutions
  • Spectrum and 5G
  • Submarine Cable and connectivity initiatives requiring policy and regulatory attentions 
Dates: 005-06 October 2021; 1030am-130pm GMT+12

Tentative Agenda
  • Day 1
  • Opening Benediction, Welcome and Keynotes (Partners and ITU)
  • Meet the players and introductions of country developments
  • Presentation on Industry Trends affecting Regulatory Strategies (Invited speaker)
  • Roundtable discussions on Data and emerging Business applications in the regulatory contexts (Invited speaker/facilitator, Group)
  • Presentation on Spectrum (Invited speaker) 
  • Day 2
  • Reviews (Group)
  • Presentation on Achieving sustainable impacts with global and regional outlook (Invited speaker)
  • Roundtable on new technologies, challenges and innovations in the continuation of industry trends affecting strategies (Countries/Group)
  • Presentation on Competition in the Digital Era, why bother? (Invited speaker)
  • Summary and Closing (Group)
We trust that members from the regulatory, govt agencies and academia will find this opportunity another valuable and free interactive event for participating and networking, and we do look forward to your registration.

How to Register

Kindly use the Registration Form provide above
We will begin sharing details with the pre-registered participants

Additional topic and Allocation or a regional presentation

While the sessions will be verbal and interactive, we can consider a presentation from one or two players form the region, prioritising only topics of high interest to this audience

For any question, contact the PITA Manager
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