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Distance learning to remote schools in Fiji....posted 27Aug08

The Ministry of Education together with Telecom Fiji Ltd have announced plans for trial of Distance Learning to 3 remote schools on Viti Levu, the main Big Island in the Fiji Group.

The trial to commence in the 1 semester of 2009 will allow these schools, equiped with a central PC, multimedia projector, mic and camera, to access specialised teacher traiing from a studio located in the Fiji College of Advance Education.

The application is not to be limited to students but can also be used for teacher training, conferences, adult education, health and police, and will be using VSATs as the platform to deliver these services, being the most efficient way to deliver around parts of the country.

According to the Telecom Fiji Ltd press release, Telecom Fiji Ltd was selected to be the partner in this exciting project being having the relability, the technical support and expertise that the project requires and having the network for delivering such services, having already delivering telephone and internet services to remote villages, outer islands and a some remote areas in Vanuatu through its VSAT networks. (The latter services to Vanuatu is on behalf of the Telecom Vanuatu Ltd for its outer and remote sites, with Fiji as hub)

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