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Quick actions to provide interim relief for broken Tonga Cable.....posted21Jan19

Its every CEO's nightmare !! but quick relief plans and having a good network of solution providers can save heavy losses. 

The Tonga Cable which has become a dominant platform for communications in Tonga and the outside world went off the grid on Saturday night, 19Jan2019, leaving the country without high speed connectivity and the back bone platform providing the international communications services for the majority of businesses and public in Tonga.

Thanks to KACIFIC, Spark, TNZI and Intelsat, Tonga Cable and Tonga Communications Corporation were able to organise some sense of continuity for priority communications and business connectivity.

PITA envisions that normalcy should return soon with the round the clock work by their respective engineers.

More news on this would be available through various Press Releases posted also in the internet.


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