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REDCOM recognizes Telecom Cook Is for Softswitch deployment.......posted 11Feb08

REDCOM Laboratories announces the first deployment in the South Pacific of its softswitch-based media gateway, HDX at their reception during the PTC Conference

This follows REDCOMs long standing reputation as the supplier of the most reliable TDM switching throughout the region. An award of recognition was presented to Stu Davies of Telecom Cook Islands in recognition of being the first to deploy the
REDCOM HDX in the region.

The country of Cook Islands is a tropical paradise comprised of 15 islands spread across 2.2 million square kilometers of ocean in the middle of the South Pacific between Tonga and Tahiti. Telecom Cook Islands Ltd (TCI) is recognized throughout the region as a leader in technology and practices. TCI employs a REDCOM IGATE for international connectivity and REDCOM MDX stand-alone intelligent switches on outer islands.

The REDCOM HDX with the TRANsip technology suite provides TCI with a migration path to integrated TDM and IP services. TCI stated that they selected the HDX because it has all or most of the signaling protocols used in Telecommunications in a single unit. The see the HDX as an ideal VoIP migration platform, noting scalability- We buy only for the required purpose, but at the same time must be able to expand to our future needs.

With the HDX, Telecom Cook Islands realizes a realistic migration
path that employs a single platform that can replace the existing switching
systems while migrating to VoIP on an as-desired basis.

REDCOM has provided state-of-the-art telecommunications solutions for over a quarter of a century. REDCOM products include public and private network solutions, legacy systems, IP/VoIP based systems with an integrated SIP Call Manager, Media Gateway, and Media Gateway
Controller, tactical systems, and programmable switching.

Located in upstate New York, REDCOM is a recognized global leader in the
design and production of high reliability inter-operable communications

High Density Exchange (HDX) with TRANSip" is a powerful softswitch and SIP call manager that retains complete Class 4/5 capabilities. It provides an integrated TDM and VoIP migration single-shelf platform that is completely configurable for all applications, from all TDM to
all IP, and anything in between.

HDX with TRANSip offers carriers a low risk migration to IP-based services. HDX supports a wide variety of TDM interfaces and protocols including E1, T1, E&M, MF, MFC R2, C5, and C7. These are completely integrated with Next Generation technologies including SIP Call Controller, Media Gateway, integrated call detail records (CDR), and single-point administration. Recognizing the concern
for future technology developments, HDX supports a dual stack for both IPV4 and
IPV6. In addition, HDX provides security against a variety of IP-based viruses and other service disabling attacks.

About Telecom Cook Islands
Telecom Cook Islands Ltd (TCI) is the sole provider of telecommunications in the Cook Islands. TCI is a private company owned by Telecom New Zealand (TNZ) Ltd and the Cook Islands Government. In operation since July 1991, TCI provides local, national and international telecommunications as well as internet access with a cutting edge network. Widely recognized as a leading service provider in the Pacific region, TCI sets the benchmark for rollout of new services while protecting network investment. As a member of both Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) and Pacific Telecom Council (PTC), Telecom Cook Islands is one of the most recognized carriers in the Asia-Pacific

Media Contact
REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.
One Redcom Center
Victor, New York 14564-0995
Ph: +1.585.924.7550

Telecom Cook Islands
P.O. Box 106,
Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Ph: (682) 29 680

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