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Cyber Security training for Micronesian countries....posted 12Aug09

The phrase "Cyber crimes, Cyber attacks does not know borders" was one of the driving aims for APNIC, PITA, AusCERT and ICANN to collaborate and extend training to network operators and stakeholders for the small and remote islands states of the Northern Pacific region

The cyber network security & forensics training running from 10th to 14th August 2009 also included sessions on Internet resource fundamentals such as on Addressing schemes, its policies and key players and requirements for maintining its stability, IPv6 and implementations. The training was mainly conducted by APNIC trainers. During the two seminar sessions at the training, AusCERT and Team CYMRU, remotely discussed CERT Operations, understanding the various malicious cyber activities, underground economy, key factors and how it helps to address these malicious activities, and the requirements and works to help address cyber crime and cyber attacks, whilst  ICANN discussed its international security initiatives and programs.

The colloboration and cooperation of all key players is  a very important tool in addressing cyber security and attacks and PITA is very happy to be able to coordinate with partners and with organisations having the common interests on cyber security for the regional cooperation and capacity development with trainings, workshops and meetings that will cover all the islands of the Pacific region.

The training was attended by network engineers and managers from ISPs and Public Network Operators from Kiribati, Federated Staes of Micronesia, Palau, Marianas and Guam and was kindly hosted by IT&E.

The next training event will be held in conjunction with PacNOG6 in Fiji from 15-27 November 2009.

Click on the links for agenda, and pictures

For more information, and for interests in the next training, contact the PITA Manager

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