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New IPv6 allocations for 10 Pacific Island members.......posted 3May09

With the signing of further IPv6 allocations at the recent PITA AGM, ICT Conference and Tradeshow, held from 25th April to 1st May 2009 in Nadi FIJI, the total number of members having secured IPv6 allocations is now 10, with more expected to apply in the near future as PITA and APNIC continue to promote with its members to sign up and use the IPv6 tunnelling project and its webforum to help members experience and plan appropriately for implementations. PITA has a category of its members who are common with APNIC, the network operators with IP addressers such as ISPs and Telcos.

APNIC reported to the AGM that with the growing concern with the fast depletion of the IPv4 addresses, the need to uptake the IPv6 addresses is necessary. In addition to the APNIC seminar and participation in the Tradeshow, APNIC with ICANN and other technical resources also contributed to the sessions on Cyber Security and Pacific Internet Governance Forum.

The were over 200 delegates that attended the PITA 13th AGM having major tracks on ccTLD Security, Communication Technologies, Cyber Issues, Policy & Regulation, and Tradeshow.

As the result of cooperation, work plan from the AGM and earlier plans, a series of training on network security & forensics, cyber crime and cyber-communications & internet fundamentals will be held over the year to cover the various countries and sub region of the Pacific, involving APNIC, ICANN, AusCERT and PITA.

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