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Members identify revenue losses due to fraud and leakages........posted 11Aug14

"The PITA Fraud forum will be circulating to members a template guideline on potential risk areas for revenue leakages and revenue losses from fraud", said the PITA Fraud Forum Chair, Mr Trevor Harris, appointed to Chair at the PITA 18th AGM earlier in April 2014. Mr Harris works for Speedcast Pacific but is also an in-house Fraud and Revenue Assurance specialist for Bluesky Samoa and Telecom Vanuatu Ltd.

Member delegates and specialists from Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Is, Tonga, Tuvalu, NZ and Australia met at the PITA Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance workshop to discuss case studies and raise awareness of current and emerging Fraud and Revenue Assurance risk areas, and how the members can put in measures to help combat these, strengthen control programs and implement best practices.

Some action plans has been earmarked for the group efforts and cooperation.

The workshop was hosted by Telecom NZ in Auckland, NZ on 05-07 August 2014.

Group picture of the workshop delegates:

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