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Cook Island leading radio station uses PacTEL new DVB-S2 for internet radiocast services......posted 05Nov10

The successful implementation of PacTEL International's DVB-S2 platform in the Pacific means that it is now possible to offer new ranges of services to broadcasters and operators from the Pacific Islands that maximises on convergences and the internet. In October, PacTEL announced that it had successfully provided an Internet Radiocast services to a leading bilingual radio station in the Cook Islands, Matariki FM

What this means is that listeners could now "tune in" to Matariki FM from any part of the world using internet.

The DVB-S2 is the 2nd generation Digital Video Broadcast technology offering new enhancements such as streaming over the internet for voice and videos (and more). According to Matariki FM, they would be planning to extend their services to video streaming in the near future, offering their listeners around the world live videocast from the Cook Islands.

For more information this capability and on PacTEL's DVB-S2 platform, contact Katia on email
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