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RFP for Dark fiber and IP interconnection for OPT New Caledonia.......8Jan2010

In the perspective of perpetuating its network in Sydney extremity of Gondwana-1 submarine cable, OPT New-Caledonia is launching a request for proposal for two services, as follows:

1.    Dark Fibers rental: in French Fibre Noire, between Brookvale (landing cable station of Gondwna-1) and Global Switch (OPT-NC Point of Presence).

2.    IP Interconnection: in French Interconnexion IP, to supply to OPT-NC interconnection services to the world of internet.

All RFP's documents should be available to be downloaded from the OPT New Caledonia website: ; click on rubrique Appel d'offres on the top right corner.

The legal and contractual documents to be filled and signed are only those in French. The English versions translations of the tenders, are given for information only and wont be contractual. The documents called Legal Document Reference are given for your understanding as reference mentioned in the tenders. They are also available on the legal web site, as follows:
  • Délibération n° 136/CP
  • Délibération n°64/CP
  • Annexe de la déliberation n°64/CP fournitures
  • Annexe de la délibération n°64/CP travaux
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