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PITA & ITU conclude its Costing Modelling workshop training for the Pacific Islands.....Posted 22oct12

The International Telecommunication Union (Centre of Excellence) and Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association have concluded their Network Cost Modelling workshop which was held at the Aggie Greys Hotel, Apia, Samoa from 15-18 October 2012.

The workshop was hosted by the Office of the Regulator Samoa.

The training experts were made available through the support of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Government of Australia. 

Aimed at advancing the application of telecommunication network and service costing principles for the Pacific Island network operators and regulators, by providing participants with necessary theoretical background, international experiences,and practical cases,the workshop particpants also had the hands-on opportunity to analyze in detail and working with peers on the advantages and disadvantages of different cost models, including their implications for the calculation of cost-based tariffs for regulated retail and wholesale services and the challenges of data collection, and related aspects of costing that constitute the range of operational issues that the industry are faced with on day to day basis.

The workshop was attend by 25 financing and costing personnel including CEOs/COOs and representatives from networt operators and regulators from the Pacific Islands including Malaysia and Singapore.

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Workshop Photo

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