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USP goes live on IpV6.............posted 02Aug07

As of August 1st 2007-12pm(FJ Time) USP went live with IPv6. Phase 1, to establish a IPv6 BGP peering with ISP provider (AARNET) was successfully completed and USP is starting off Phase 2 of the project which is the testing/integration of their internal network structure to IPv6.

In informing the Pacific Islands Network Operators Group (PacNOG) USP ITS department also thanked the PACNOG3 organizers for presenting a really good IPv6 Tutorial at the training and educational workshop recently held at the Cook Is as this has helped them get this project off the ground.

IpV6 is the enhanced scheme for Internet addressing superceding IpV4 which is now running out of IP addresses. With the expanding applications and uptake of Internet, IpV6 will be necessary to ensure the countries do not miss out on extending internet services and opening new opportunities. PITA with the assistance of APNIC and PacNOG has been working with the Pacific Islands ISP and Telecom ICT providers to migrate their networks to IpV6.

APNIC, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre is the Internet Resources & Addressing Provider for the Asia Pacific.

PacNOG stemmed out from the ITU-APNIC-PITA Ip-ISP Network operators training in 2004, in similar lines with the NOGS to provide an online platform for engineers to exchange and develop capacity including keeping abreast with the emerging operations and engineering issues. A hands-on training and educational workshop is held once a year or more when there is a need for the region. Since 2004, many organisations have been
providing support for these annual training. Administrative and logistics for these trainings are looked after by PITA.

For any enquiries and information on PacNOG, contact PITA Training Coordinator

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