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Thank you and keep it up...bids CEO TVL Prakash posted 17Feb16

In his farewell message to members, the outgoing CEO of Telecom Vanuatu, Mr Prakash Bheekhoo, thanked all members and in particular, for the assistance given to TVL and people for the disaster recovery with the Cat.5 Cyclone PAM in 2014.
Here's an extract of what he had wished to share;
.."I remembered that when I came to PITA and faced PITA in Vanuatu, it was another world for me, the CULTURE, the PEOPLE and the WAY OF DOING THINGS I learned to appreciate....I started being part of the closely knitted PITA team.
The best experience was when all parties showed their willingness and availability to help us during the PAM Cyclone. It was a hard time that was facilitated by the PITA team, a time not to forget and a time that showed the importance of PITA in the Pacific and how we are all helpful to help others during the emergencies and force majeure.
Keep it up and I wish PITA and all, a bright future
Thanks you for all and merci beaucoup"..
PITA comments:
PITA thanked you also Mr Bheekhoo and wish you well in your endeavors. Mr Bheekhoo had been part of the active CEO forum group in PITA and was from Mauritius Telecom before coming over to Vanuatu.
In the group response to the disaster by Cyclone PAM, various PITA Members provided network and emergency equipment for the fallen access network, towers, gensets to help in the restoration and also had up to 10 specialist personnel and engineers travelled and stationed in Vanuatu for 2-4 weeks with the emergency recovery work.
Many members would recall one of the memorable AGM hosted by TVL in April 2014.'s a group clip from the AGM.
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