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IP engineers to gather for conference and training - PacNOG20.....posted 23Jun17 **updated04Jul17*

Update posting as at 04Ju17 - earlier post further below after pictures

Group picture of PacNOG 20 on Day 1 - 03Jul17

PacNOG 20 started on time yesterday with a full house of 76 participants, with Day 1 of educational conference and exchange presentations on network operation topics and developments, and tutorials on 1. Traffic Engineering on MPLS,  and 2. Introduction to Network Routing refresher course

Day 2 (today) the group was then split into two workshop groups, Track 1 and Track 2 to do hands-on training on Network Routing design and implementations, and on Network Security respectively. These workshops involve lectures, labs, practical sessions as well as technical exchange on network topics and activities.

The workshop tracks of 4 days will end on Friday 07 July 2017.
With the majority of participants from Fiji, other countries include Australia, Japan, Marshall Islands, Niue, PNG, Samoa, Tokelau and Vanuatu.

Pictures of Workshop Tracks

Earlier post on 23Jun17
engineers from various internet based communications network providers from the Pacific will convene at Suva on 3rd to 7th July to hold a  peer conference and training on communication network design, routing engineering, as well as on internet based network security.

While most of the engineers are from the public Internet and Telecommunications networks and service providers, it also include  engineers from the financial, government, education, hospitality and power/energy network sectors.

This conference and training under PacNOG is made possible with the partnership of the coordinating partners that includes APNIC, ICANN, NSRC and PITA. This  event is PacNOG 20th educational conference and training forum.

Registrations for PacNOG20 has been closed since last week with limit achieved of 33 per class joined by the trainers and other resource speakers. Next PacNOG is PacNOG21 in Dec 04-08, 2017 tentatively in Tonga. Topics and interests for PacNOG21 are now welcome - contact the PITA Manager


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