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PITA held its CEO Forum online...posted 14May,2020

..PITA News:14May2020

16 CEO participants and 3 other Senior Managers attended this CEO forum, hosted by PITA on 14 May 2020. The online forum was held for 2 hours.

The  online opportunity for the CEOs to visually connect and exchange online had provide a valuable alternative to meet, amid the isolation from the pandemic restrictions, on the need to continue regular exchanges amongst members on current and emerging developments, needs, and or emergencies.

At this particular CEO forum, topics revolve around the impacts from the global lockdowns, on country and citizens, corporate livelihood, impacts on business, networks and services as well as related important trends, developments and needs going forward.

The online session held today at 12noon- Fiji time, helped connect these chief executives from across the region, from Guam and Palau in the North to Cook Islands Samoa, in the East and Australia/NZ in the West with number of Island states therein, including Fiji.

At the conclusion of the 2 hours online session, the CEOs have requested that quarterly meets to be organised.

For more details, contact the PITA Manager

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