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Business Continuity & Network Resilience for Pacific Telecoms.....posted06Oct17

Workshop on Implementing a Business Continuity Management and Network Resilience for mobile operators.

PITA and GSMA held a regional workshop training on Business Continuity Management and Network Resilience, at the Tanoa International Hotel, in Nadi, FIJI on 02-05 October 2017. 

Objectives of the workshop training were to:
• Prepare for the unexpected with Practical and Hands on Business Continuity Management and Network Resilience  training course. 
• Help protect your organization with a practical understanding of business continuity and Network/IT Infrastructure Resilience with real life cases studies from around the globe
• Provide an international best practice framework for identifying potential threats, evaluating their impact and developing capability to minimize the impact of disruption/disasters.
• To learn about the key concepts of business continuity, understand the benefits of a business continuity management system and Risk Assessment.
• It will also provide guidance on how to manage incidents and events before, during and after a Disaster has occurred.

There were 28 Participants from 11 telecommunication -communication players from 6 different countries in the Pacific, joined by the Lead Expert from GSMA, and also by WFP ETC.

Over the 4 days with the lectures and discussions, the workshop also held various group work on a number of key subject points, including a half day simulation response exercise facilitated by the WFP ETC team.

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