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PITA concluded its 14th AGM in Honiara.......posted 30April2010

The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) had its 14th AGM & Telecommunications - ICT Conference officially closed in an evening function on Thursday 29th April where the hosts, OUR TELEKOM, presented everyone with parting gifts made of Solomon Islands unique handicrafts.

Earlier opened by the Prime Minister the Hon Dr Derek Sikiua, on Monday 26th April, the PITA 14th AGM was to be one of the busiest PITA AGM and Telecoms-ICT conference with the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) also conducting its regional forum for Telecommunications and ICT Policy and Regulations.

186 delegates registered, but with the local delegates also invited, well over 200 in all attended the various sessions organised during the 5 day week long meeting and conference.

Key themes included connectivity, access, future technologies, policy and regulations, and there were also interest group sessions of PITA Internet Forum, a newly formed sub group of PITA for ISPs, Fraud forum,and a PITA Forum for Disaster and Emergency  Communications, an APNIC Internet fundamentals & IPv6 Training and CEO Forum.

Other international organisations also attended to maximise of the presence of the various country officials during the week long event which included ITU, (the ITU-EC Projects funding additional government delegates to complement APT), ICANN, APNIC, Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), the World Bank, the University of the South Pacific, and the CROP agencies - the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, and Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the CROP agencies to conduct sessions for the Digital Strategy revisions and developing National ICT plans.

At the PITA AGM, members ratified 21 new members to bring to 142 members of PITA inclusive of 42 Pacific Island telecommunication entities as full members and 86 solution providers from the around the world as Associate members, and 14 government agencies under a special category for government regulators. In additon to electing its new President, the AGM also endorsed its annual workplan and budget. Mr Ivan Fong from Fiji now takes over Mr Maui Sanford from French Polynesia after serving this position for 7 years as PITA President

The PITA Management extends its great appreciation to the hosts OUR TELEKOM for brining the AGM to Solomon Islands, the Solomon Islands government and the Office of the Prime Minister, participating organisations from Honiara, AND, PITA partners and all the participating member organisations, APT for its regional forum event and with ITU for providing fellowships to the government officials, and the sponsors as follows:

Gold Sponsors:

SES World Skies
Intelsat Corporation
Huawei Technologies 

Special event sponsor:

Telecom NZ
Asia Pacific Telecommunity APT

Bronze sponsors:

CommTel Network Solutions
Pactel International

Fellowships for Government officials sponsored by APT and ITU EC-Projects

  Copyright © PITA.