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PITA AGM elects its new additional Executive Member and re-elects President....posted 01May13

Mr. Fredy Perman, COO & Executive Vice President, FSM Telecommunications Corporation, at the recent PITA 17th AGM in Apia Samoa, was elected to the position of new additional Executive Member of the PITA Executive Commitee.

He joined Mr Ivan Fong, Acting CEO, Telecom Fiji Ltd, to the PITA Executive Committee with Mr Fong having being re-elected as President of PITA.

Other members of the PITA Executive Committee includes Mr Sione Veikoso, Vice President of PITA and Manager Enginering, Tonga Communications Corporation,  and Ms Blanche Salii, Executive Member of PITA and Manager Regulatory, Palau National Communications Corporation.

Already provisioned in its Articles of Association, the election of Mr Perman as the additional Executive Member of the PITA Executive Committee wll mean more support in the decision making and management role vested on the PITA Executive Committee for PITA.

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