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GSMA share plans for Pacific Islands ......posted

GSMA Head for Asia and the Pacific, Mr Julian Gorman outlines new focus to the Pacific in his briefing at the GSMA-PITA Industry Roundtable on Advancing the Digital Visions, held on 6th October, 2020.

Earlier discussing the GSMA plans and responses at the first PITA Technical & Business forum in June, and then at the PITA second CEO Forum in August, Mr Gorman said at the GSMA-PITA Roundtable, that the GSMA had put together a number of key focus areas to involve itself more in advancing the Digital Visions and progress towards a digital society in the Pacific. Focus areas would include New Opportunities for Innovation to drive smart initiatives, help develop Policy & Regulatory Enablers in harnessing the power of connectivity and innovation, and provide support in capacity building programs,  exchange of experiences from wider digital ecosystem and players from around the world, and development programs to help define strategy and accelerate such innovations. He added, that partnership will be key to all programs and opened the door for members and ecosystem players in the Pacific to connect more with GSMA and PITA.

Mr Gorman was also joined at the GSMA-PITA Industry Roundtable by a select group of GSMA expert resources to discuss more details and opportunities of the new focus programs.

The Samoa Minister of Communications, the Honorable Mr. Afamasaga Rico Tupai opened the roundtable, after a welcome remark and meeting brief by the PITA President, Mr. George Samisoni. Over 40 senior personnel in the telecommunications industry and mobile services attended this roundtable.

The industry roundtable was held entirely online with video and audio connections to all participants.

For more information, contact the PITA Manager

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