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PITA discusses regional initiatives at the regional preparatory meeting for WTDC06 in Hanoi

PITA presented its work to develop a regional disaster communications platform and integrated satellite solutions diversity as inputs to the World Telecommunications Development Conference 2006 regional preparatory meeting held in Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The PITA Manager who represented the Association stated the two inititaives are priority in view of the recent catastrophic events (satellite loss and spate of damaging hurricanes, cyclones & typhoons) which PITA have taken the lead in  investigations and developing action plans in this regional inititive developed at the PITA 9th Annual General Meeting. The opportunity to take these intitives at this high level forum will be a key factor in its success to get support of partners, international bodies and advocates.

The ITU member states from the Pacific Islands present at the meeting, namely Papua New Guinea, Marshall Is and Micronesia have endorsed these two intiatives along with other key needs for the region including the recognitions and need for addressing the special needs of the Small Islands and Development States at the WTDC 2006.

More details shortly

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