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Obituary: member of the founding group for PITA, Mr John Sohl passes on ....posted 28 Dec20

An Obituary note: Rest in Peace John Sohl.

It is with very sad news to notify members, followers, and friends of PITA that Mr John Sohl had passed away quietly at his home in Kolonia Pohnpei, on around 26 December, 2020.

With strong acumen and pragmatism, John was a vocal contributor in the regular regional telecom meetings for development, and formulating policies during the pioneering days for the Pacific Island telecommunications.

John was also a key player with fellow Telecom Directors and peers from the telecommunication industry in the Pacific in the founding and formation of PITA in 1998, after the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat closed down its Telecommunication section handling the regional telecom meetings. He served as PITA's Vice President in the first Executive Committee of PITA and remained serving as so for the full two terms.

John retired from FSM Telecom and PITA in 2017 but remained active in the telecommunication expert, administrator, and pioneer echelons for Micronesia. 

With a deep sense of sadness of this loss, we wish to extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to Mrs Sohl, children and families of Mr John Sohl, and to colleagues from the FSM Telecom family.

Rest in Peace, John; PITA Management, Members and Friends

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