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RFP for Satellite Capacity - New Caledonia.....posted 14Feb2012

OPT New Caledonia is inviting proposals from suitable suppliers for providing satellite capacity in the following needs:

  1. C-Band Gondwana submarine cable backup from OPT Noumea teleport to Global Switch 400 Harris Street Ultimo, Sydney (72MHz for a 90Mbps Up and 40Mbps Down).
  2. Ku-Band in 12MHz for providing V-Sat capacity in remote locations.
  3. C-Band for providing Ethernet International Leased Line.

Tender details can be downloaded at the following URL:
Closing Date:
Offers should be received by 27th February 2012 at 3.00pm local time to the following address:

Direction Générale de lOffice des Postes et Télécommunications
Secrétariat Général  3ème étage  bureau 310
Immeuble Waruna II
2 rue Paul Montchovet
98841 NOUMEA

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