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Tokelau to embark on new mobile services....posted 10Aug16

Teletok Tokelau, the  sole provider for telecommunications in Tokelau will embark on providing its 1st mobile network services to the population by November 2016. The new mobile network will employ 4G LTE/VOLTE, high speed voice and data over LTE solution.

Mr Tealofi Tenosa, CEO of Teletok Tokelau said that this new mobile services will be provided across the three islands of Tokelau and linked internationally by satellite.

He said that the new mobile services and its planned seamless connectivity amongst the three islands, will not only bring new huge potentials for growth and expansion, but will also certainly aid in improving business efficiencies as well as achieving both Teletok’s Corporate Plan objectives and Tokelau’s National Strategic Plan 2016-2020.  "This LTE network will enable our locals to communicate better anytime, anywhere with family members from any point between the islands and those who resided in foreign countries”.

Tokelau has chosen Blue Arcus and Spark NZ as their solution providers.

[view Blue Arcus Press Release here].

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