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Telecoms gather for development and strategies.....posted 23Oct18

Held every 4th quarter, the PITA strategy forum 2018 held in Suva Fiji on 15-16 October was again well attended with over 140 delegates from 60 organisations in 26 countries, attending to discuss technical, business topics and share on best practices on telecom strategies and digital transformations.

In this month, PITA held these additional events with this Strategy Forum 2018; as follows:-

  • PITA Telecoms Digital Strategy Forum, 2 days high level business-technical forum on strategies and digital transformations; 15-16 OCT, and attended by 140 delegates from 60 organisations in 26 Countries. [agenda]

  • PITA CEO Forum, an half day forum to provide platform for CEOs to meet and exchange on CEO and priority topics, common initiatives and challenges

  • ITU/PITA workshop training n Traffic Engineering & Advanced Wireless Networks Planning, held on 17-19 Oct for engineers. [agenda/syllabus]

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