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High attendances of PacNOG23 IP conference & training in Majuro..........posted 10Dec18

PacNOG 23 saw another fully attended Educational Conference and Workshop Training held in Majuro for the Internet and Telecom Network Engineers from the Pacific, held at the Marshall Islands Resort from 03-07 December 2018

PacNOG 23 is a continuation of such training and conference for these engineers held around the region twice in a year in June and December. "While PacNOG is coordinated and managed by PITA", the PITA Manager said that, "the partnership of APNIC, ICANN and the Network Startup Resource Centre has been indispensable for its continued path of covering the Pacific Islands with skills and knowledge transfer for this specialized field of internet engineering and security in telecommunications.

With lectures and hands on practical, topics covered include technical details for routing, protocols, networking policies, security, filtering, attacks, mitigations, best practices, and more on networking and security.  

"It's so easier to attend this PacNOG 23 in Majuro. With the Air Nauru airlines connection between Kiribati and the Marshall Islands we have lower costs to attend and thus we can come in numbers and not to miss out on this training for IP Networking and Security", said a Kiribati Network Operator.  The same sentiments were also observed from Micronesia and Tuvalu. Delegates from American Samoa also attended this training.

PITA would like to thank its PacNOG partners once again for another successful training, APNIC for providing the trainers, and the Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority in Majuro for kindly hosting the week long event.

Over 60 participants attended, with 25 doing the IP networking and 38 doing the Internet and Network Security. It was also encouraging to see that over 10 women are involved in this training.

For more information, contact the PITA Manager


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