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fires causes mobile blackout in Cook islands.....posted 30Oct17

A catastrophic fire that broke out around midday last Friday, local Cook Island time (27 Oct), had caused a total black out of mobile services in the country. In addition, this fire in the 2nd main telecom building, located in Aroa, had also affected other telecom services serving customers in the south side of Rarotonga island, like 1,600 telephone and broadband internet lines.
Fixed line and Internet services provided from the main telecom building in Avarua were not affected.
By the time of the media release (30 Oct), affected fixed line and internet services were back on line, re-routed and provided via the redundant site in Avarua, while for mobile services, facing a greater challenge to rebuild/provide a mobile core network, had the core functionalities re-routed and provided via satellite from its sister company in Samoa. 

..this was possible with the shortest possible time because of the strategic local diversity and replication of key equipment and functionalities across the Bluesky countries that could come in play efficiently in such occasion, said the Group CEO , Douglas Creevy

More work is ongoing and indicated for the fully restoration of networks and functionalities.

see the media release here
...picture of Rarotonga island
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