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ITU updates from the recent WTSA .......posted 08Nov16

ITU standardization takes up strong position to power the smart 5G era

WTSA-16 accelerates
support for standards work on 5G, IoT, smart cities and fintech

Geneva, 7 November 2016 
– ITU membership has called for ITU’s standardization arm to expand its study of the wireline networking innovations required to achieve the ambitious performance targets of smart 5G systems. This call has come in parallel with ITU members’ reaffirmation of the importance of ITU’s standardization work to drive the coordinated development of ultra-high-speed transport networks, the Internet of Things, future video technologies, and smart cities and communities.

ITU members have also encouraged ITU standardization
to increase digital financial inclusion; promote affordable mobile roaming tariffs; and strengthen consumer protection and ICT service quality. Members have in addition called for ITU standardization to support the use of cloud computing to record event data from aircraft, vehicles and other connected machinery.

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