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PITA reiterates special needs for the small islands and developing states at the ITU Regional Development Forum ....posted 22Jun16

At the recent ITU regional development forum held over 2 days in Manila Philippines on the 6th and 7th of June this year, the PITA President Mr Sione Veikoso in his talks and panel discussions shared with the forum delegates the special challenges faced by the PITA Members in efforts to promote and enhance development in the telecommunications sector. "Ladened and greatly disadvantaged by the geographical spread of small maritime islands, rural isolation with lack of the scale of economy, the PITA Members need to develop smart strategies in delivering amicable services and new modern applications in the face of high costs, and being small players in a big players world", he said.

Mr Veikoso highlighted to the regional development forum, that a grouping and association of players such as in the PITA membership help greatly in raising the scale of opportunities for members to develop practical strategies, engage in dialogue and cooperation, and learning from each other’s’ experiences.

During the forum, Mr Veikoso also presented and discussed on common directions that members have in general towards re-imagination of telecoms, some of which include the need for
  • Developing ubiquitous networks
  • Bringing about enablers for digital development leap and digital economy
  • Ensuring Continuity in various scenarios and risks
  • Strengthening the cooperation, partnership and global participations of common interests and opportunities
The ITU Regional Development Forum participations included country administrations and agencies from around the Asia Pacific region including senior policy and regulatory officials, and representatives from development partner organisations, industry and telecommunication entities.

PITA President stressing some points at the ITU RDF session

ITU Development Bureau Director Mr Sanou meets PITA President

[click here for copy of presentation]
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