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Visibility will be the key requirement in new roaming standards to be implemented in GSM Roaming.........posted 20Aug07

Visibility will be the key to help address Fraud in GSM Roaming, delegates from the Pacific Islands heard at the recent workshop on GSM Roaming, Mobile and Wireless developments, held at the Mocambo Hotel, Nadi FIJI recently.

With the current vulnerabilities in the lack of visibilty by GSM Roaming Operators on their roaming customers,  new standards by the GSMA will be made mandatory by October 2008 to allow GSM Roaming operators exchange roaming data on a more near real time [NRTRDE], allowing these operators to have more immediate visibility of their customers roaming in other countries thereby greatly improving their response times if fraudulent behaviours are detected. In worst cases  of roaming fraud, several hundred thousands of dollars were lost overnight by a single large operator.

For the Pacific Islands, PITA plans to seek proposals for group consideration by NRTRDE suppliers to help  the small island economies of the Pacific get onboard this new requirement.

Other key presentations heard at this workshop were on a new Village Concept by the Nokia Siemens Network group and a Solar Powered Charging GSM Mobile stations for rural areas by Motorolla group.

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