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Sharing milestone in regional cooperation @ PITA......posted 07OCT2015

Sharing milestone in regional cooperation at PITA....posted 07Oct2015

At Left, Mr. Anisi Penitusi COO Tuvalu Telecom shakes hands ith his counterpart Mr. Fredy Perman COO FSM Telecom, with Mr Huafeng Zhang Director of ACCLINKS, happy about the results and performance of the co-sharing arrangement.

Today members at the PITA Next Generation Network Forum heard of Tuvalu and FSM Telecoms having successfully completed a new co-sharing arrangement, for Tuvalu Telecom to be remotely provided with Core Network infrastructure services from FSM Telecom.

Mr Anisi Penitusi the Chief Operations Officer at Tuvalu Telecoms said “that the core network infrastructure is one of the most expensive part of a telecom network and is the key component to allow us offer Broadband and other range of new modern service offerings and capabilities to customers. This sharing arrangement will allow us at Tuvalu Telecom to immediately offer mobile broadband to our citizens without the high capex investment for the Core Network Infrastructure, and we can focus our very limited resources on developing and enhancing our Access networks to extend broadband to citizens. Customers will now see internet of 3G speed capable available on their mobile handsets. We are very thankful to FSM Telecom (FSMTC) to allowing us access and sharing of their core network infrastructure.” he added.

Technically made possible by a new innovative solution custom made by ACCLINKS, a long time development partner of the FSMTC, this co-sharing cooperation means saved capex by Tuvalu Telecom in the scope of few million dollars that it would need to purchase a new core network system.

“We have spare capacity in our new mobile core network system, so why not”, said Mr. Fredy Perman, the Chief Operation Officer and Executive Vice President of the FSMTC. "With the new innovation co-developed by us, Tuvalu Telecom and ACCLINKS, the new cooperation will be of mutual benefit to Tuvalu and FSMTC providing new 3G features and capability that our new system offers to Tuvalu, while also allowing us to utilize excess capacity and recover quickly on our large investment for the new mobile core network system. We are very happy to share in the spirit of the PITA family and cooperation". He further added, “This is only a beginning of what we can explore at a new level and develop more enhancements from this sharing cooperation and hope to collaborate with members in more sharing amongst the PITA member countries.”

With the two countries sharing on a common core network infrastructure it will also mean that the two telecoms can now route calls directly across each other without needing to connect via an offshore carrier, that means cost savings that can be extended to customers for inter-calling between the two countries. PITA congratulates the two members on this milestone, certainly of great interest for the next CEO forum, and will continue facilitate technical cooperation amongst members of developing economies by assisting in travel costs for study and expert visits.

Tuvalu like other small island states in the Pacific shares the special geographical challenges and disadvantages with spread out islands, small populations and a great lack of the scale of economy and natural resources.

The PITA Next Generation Forum was held at the Rex H Lee Auditorium, in Pago Pago, American Samoa from 06-08 October 2015, hosted by ASTCA.

For any questions or information, contact the PITA Manager

..Picture: birds eye view of the Forum in session

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