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Principls of Cyber Legislations workshop for Pacific Islands

Jointly with the coopration of ITU, APT, Australian Dept of Communications and NZ Ministry of Economic Development, PITA hosted a workshop for legal and policy experts from around the Pacific Islands on Cyber Legislations, its principles and requirements for the various administrations in the region. With the exponential evoution in technology, the increasing uptake and usage of internet and electronic medium, this much needed workshop has been designed to arrive at a framework of Cyber Legislation and a possible roadmap for its implementation in the Pacific to ensure that critical areas covering cyber space are incorporated.

The workshop was conducted by legal and policy experts from the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria with the University of the South Pacific, having sound background and involvement in ICT/other legislation in the Pacific islands.  One of the aims of the workshop was to provide the broad elements of each of the key pieces of cyber-legislation that need amendment and where necessary, the means for amending existing or enacting new laws.  The opportunity of the forum was also useful to undertake a detailed study of how PICs current legal system applies to the online environment, identify any gaps within the current system and draw out the laws that would need amendments for the PICs to embrace the ICT environment.

The workshop is being hosted by the APT/ITU/PITA/Government of New Zealand, with the kind support of the Government of Australia, and was held at the Stamford Plaza hotel in Auckland NZ from 26-28 March 2007..

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