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PacNOG 7 ends on a high note.....posted 3rd July 2010

Today the PacNOG 7th Educational workshop and Training will end after completing its final day training and later in the evening with a closing reception, seeing for the first time Certicificates of Participations being issued

Over 70 engineers from 10 Pacific Islands ISP and IP network operators will receive their certificates on the four modules workshop and Labs/practicals held over the 5 days of training and workshop.

Hosted by Bluesky Communications in Amercan Samoa, this training has also resulted with the hosts implementing IPv6 from Day 4. Already the next hosts, FSM Telecom, is planning to implement IPv6 in the next coming weeks.

 "It's (IPv6) not that difficult as many would have thought and you will see how that will be during the routing sessions and labs"...said Dr Philip Smith, the leading instructor for the sessions on IPv4/IPv6 network routing workshop.

Tunneling was coordinated with Hurricane Electric engineer Owen DeLong, who was also part of PacNOG7 to deliver an IPv6 implementation case study tutorial.

The training reading materials for Track 2 was kindly provided by the Network Startup Resource Center, O'Reilly and the National Science Foundation.

PacNOG Educational Workshop and Training events are held twice yearly over 6-7days to provide specialised training for ISP and IP Network operators from Pacific Islands.

New series for basic levels to be introduced

Finding that there are gaps within network operators, a new series to address the training needs at the basic and intermediate levels is to be introduced shortly, covering fundamental theory and abilities to set up and configure networks and systems. This new series will also provide an entry level to PacNOG sessions, for those who do not already posses this basic and intermediate minimum level.

For any enquries, contact the PITA Manager

Tracks and Modules held were as follows:

Track1 Mod 1 - IPv4/IPv6 Network routing workshop and Labs, by Dr Philips Smith, from Cisco and also the CTO Consulting Engineering of the Internet Architectures Group.

Track2 Mod 1 - ISP Best Practices workshop, covering system administrations, security and Dynamic website best practices (LAMP) by Herver Allen, a Systems Engineer - Trainer from Network Startup Resources Center and Andy Linton, a Teaching Fellow from the Faculty of Engineering, Victoria University of Wellington

Track 1 Mod 2 - VoIP workshop by Jonny Martin, an Internet Analyst specilist from PCH

Track 2 Mod 2 - DNS/DNSSEC workshop by Andy Linton and Hervey Allen

The PacNOG 7 was held over 6 days with 1 day for the conference and tutorial sessions and 5 days for training.

For pictures, click here

For details of topics and practicals covered, click here

For details of Linux Introduction course held as a Pre-PacNOG 7, click here

For Certificates sample (1Mb) TRK1Mod1 TRK2Mod1, TRK2Mod1 TRK2Mod2,

The next PacNOG (8) will be held in Ponhpei, Federated states of Micronesia from 22-27 November 2010.

For PacNOG website, click here

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