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OPT New Caledonia creates a new Website enabling SMS sending :

Many are those in New Caledonia who use the Internet to send SMSs (over 130,000 messages dispatched each month) from OPT New Caledonias own Website:, their trademark being Mobit@gTM. More than a fashion mood, for some people it has become a genuine communication artwork. So their passionate users will be delighted to hear that from now on Mobit@gTM enjoy their own Website:

No more need to use circuitous routes: keying the Web address opens direct access to spaces which enable SMSs sending to mobile phones anywhere in New Caledonia. furthermore the data capture field raises from 130 to 150 characters!

Note: What is a SMS?

SMSs (i. e. short message service: written messages, mobile terminated) are short messages rallied today at a pace of one billion a day worldwide. Writing short messages became a true society manifestation and reaches today all tiers of the community. Without any advanced functionality at the beginning SMS was first used by operators for duty messages to their subscribers mobile terminals. Then it enabled communication from mobile to mobile for person-to-person messages, after what it enabled information, playing, self-assertion through multiple applications and value-added services which made up a full interactive medium out of it. The SMS traffic in New Caledonia is mainly mobile originated to mobile terminated and raises steadily; today it reaches more than 610,000 messages a month.

A Few Key Dates

August, 1999: opening of MobitagTM (mobile originated and terminated SMS) on MobilisTM (OPT New Caledonias trademark for postpaid GSM services)
August, 2000: Mobit@gTM through the Internet (option of sending SMSs via Internet)
December, 2001: launching of MobitagTM service through Liberte (OPT New Caledonias trademark for prepaid GSM services), a date from which SMS traffic showed a tremendous boom (traffic doubling after the first month)
April, 2003: opening to the public of Website

Information Contact: Olivier VERDIER 
Tel: +687 268.344 / Mob. : +687 788.344

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