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Grand Ballroom, Stamford Plaza Auckland
New Zealand
5-7 April, 2004

The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association, known as PITA, met at the Stamford Plaza Auckland for its 8 th Annual General Meeting [AGM] on 5 th to 7 th April 2004.

PITA, being a non-profit organization, derives its objectives and activities from the promotion and development of telecommunications (communication and information technology) by representing the interests of small islands and developing states of the Pacific.

The PITA AGM, in addition to being the highest forum to pass resolutions and the making of key decisions, it is also an integral part of the annual process in developing, adopting and implementing work-plans to meet the PITA members objectives. At the 8 th AGM, a work-plan and associated budget was presented, discussed and adopted to carry PITA forward into the 2004-2005 period.

The new plans for 2004-2005 will see a much more increased focus on engendering Technical Co-operations within the Developing Country members [TCDC] and facilitating capacity building of key resources for the key issues as seen by members. These will include:

  • strengthening collaborations and co-operations with partner organisations like ITU, APT, CTO, Governments, Forum Secretariat, SPC, PTC, APNIC and other interested organisations,
  • coordinating technical workshops for key issues, and
  • organizing training programs, which may also include third party training certifications.

Members participating in the three-day meeting included representatives from the Pacific Islands Operators, Carriers and Regulators, Suppliers which includes satellite services providers, radio & wireless communications solutions providers and telecommunications equipment suppliers from developed countries and key partner organisations such as:

  1. International Telecommunications Union Regional Head Office [ITU]
  2. Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat [PIFS]
  3. Secretariat of the Pacific Community [SPC]
  4. Asia Pacific Network Information Centre [APNIC]
  5. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN]
  6. Australian Department of Communication, Information Technology and Arts [DCITA]

Over 140 delegates attended this meeting over the three days of deliberations, collaborations, presentations, exhibitions, bi-laterals and exchange.

Over the three days, members heard presentations from the following participating organisations:

  • Reports from ITU, APNIC, SPC, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, ICANN
  • Country Reports from Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Tokelau, Samoa, American Samoa, French Polynesia, Cook Is, Tonga, Fiji, Solomon Is, New Caledonia, PNG, and Norfolk Is
  • Key telecommunication Issues on Service Level & Best Practices Collaborations, Contractual Risks Issues in telecommunication industries, Distant Education and Telemedicine application, Users perceptions on telecommunication, Broadband Accelerators and Inhibitors and implications for Pacific Islands, and a technical paper on Understanding Lightning issues and protections, by the following organisations:- Telecom NZ International and Wired Division, Telstra, Hesketh Henry Lawyers, GVNW Consulting Inc., Telecom User Association NZ (TUANZ), and Novaris PTY Ltd (Aust) respectively.
  • And finally on the last session, papers on Telecommunications Solutions and Proposals from Intelsat, PanAmSat, New Skies Satellites, Pacific IP Services, Loral Skynet, SR Telecom Inc, 4RF Communications, Powertec P/L, Paclink Communications, Informatics International, OTL Software, Ericsson, Alcatel, Krone, Rocom Pacific and LBi Sat.

The newly elected President, Mr. Maui Sanford from OPT French Polynesia in his closing remarks extended his great appreciation of the trust from PITA members for electing him to lead PITA for the next 2-3 years. After thanking the AGM Hosts, Telecom NZ, Mr. Sanford thanked all participants and partners in their efforts to be part of the 8 th AGM and contributing to its success. He also paid particular attentions to the collaborating partners for the PITA work-plan 2004-2005 and invited interested members and organisations to work with PITA for the regional development in the field of telecommunications.

As a way forward, he invited his PITA co-executives; Mr. Mathias Lawrence from the FSM Telecommunications Corporation and Mr. Ivan Fong from Telecom Fiji Ltd to join him in the challenges ahead.

The AGM was closed at 1:15pm , Wednesday 7 th April 2004 .


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