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Solomon Telekom Hosts Regional Sales & Marketing Training

24 th May 2004 Honiara Solomon Islands

An advanced Sales & Marketing course is currently underway at the Telekom Training Centre at Ranadi, Honiara, and is conducted by Bluebirde Pty Ltd of Brisbane Australia. The training commences Monday 24 th May and ends Friday 4 th June 2004.

Six regional participants are here in Solomon Islands and they come from American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Fiji and Tonga. The course is jointly sponsored by Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association PITA under its technical support program and Solomon Telekom, and is aimed at senior and management level personnel. Nine participants from Solomon Telekom are participating.

Minister for Communications Aviation and Meteorology Hon Patteson Oti, when delivering the opening address says "t hese days no one talks about telecommunications, but Information Communication Technologies, ICT. Your companies no longer provide just telephone service but a host of other solutions, and so will have to adjust to fit this new dimension in global communications thirst. I encourage you to broaden your sales and marketing skills and business horizons".

Solomon Telekom General Manager, Mr Martyn Robinson says with the closure of the Telekom Training College in 2000, Telekom has since then sourced external trainers to train staff and this had been a very costly, yet essential commitment for the company. There is great need for training to fill skill-gaps and in order to provide better telecommunications and ICT services in the region. It is with training and development benefits in mind that cements Solomon Islands government intention to re-enter the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation as a Full Member Country and Solomon Telekom as a sector member.

Mr Robinson says, a well trained workforce improves efficiency and productivity and definitely delivers shareholder value.

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