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Blue Sky Communications Selects AvaBill Solutions to Provide Next-Generation GSM & IP Services in American Samoa

August 2004 - Informatics International Limited announced recently that Blue Sky Communications of American Samoa has chosen Informatics' line of telecom software - AvaBill, to replace the existing systems at Blue Sky.

AvaBill will be replacing the existing Customer Care, Billing, and other related Business and Operational Support Systems for GSM and Data / ISP Operations, and is scheduled to go live in four months.

AvaBill will bring to Blue Sky Communications online connectivity to its network devices, and real-time billing and strict credit control functionalities, to name a few. In addition to Customer Care & Billing, systems for Points of Sale, Mediation & Provisioning, Interconnection, and Web Self-Care are also part of the deal, and are expected to be rolled out in phases as the project progresses. Another key part of the project is the Post-paid & Pre-paid Integration through the AvaBill CCBS System's Pre-paid Module. This coupled with the AvaBill Pre-paid Event Manager will provide Blue Sky Communications a Convergent Post-paid & Pre-paid System which will enable them to Service and Manage the Pre-paid Customers more effectively in a highly competitive domestic mobile market.

The AvaBill System version to be implemented at Blue Sky Communication is the 4th Generation of the AvaBill Suite of Software for Telecoms. At present Informatics maintains a team of over one hundred Software Engineers dedicated to the Telecom Industry via the AvaBill Suite; developing quality systems under ISO 9001:2000 guidelines. According to a company spokesperson, Informatics has over ten years of experience in delivering Customer Care and Billing Solutions and has elaborate plans for making it a next-generation application.

In the face of intense competition, a key factor in favor of Informatics was its proven track-record with and a robust, yet flexible solution. This, together with the experience of Informatics in the telecom industry, complemented by excellent professional and support services tilted the balance in favor of Informatics, beating off competition from countries such as New Zealand , India and USA .

Founded in 1983, Informatics is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Software producer and exporter of international repute, providing innovative Solutions with quality Software Products, and reliable Support Services. Informatics has developed Software of international repute for Telecom, Insurance, Health Care, Government, E-business and Retail Industry.

The AvaBill Suite of Software for Telecoms, is an end-to-end solution of Business & Operational Support systems designed specifically for the modern teleco operators who are as dynamic as the industry itself. With its customer-centric approach, AvaBill delivers an ideal platform to build, maintain and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Led by a fully-fledged Customer Care & Billing System, the AvaBill suite also includes the Web Care, Point of Sales, Trouble Tickets and Service Order Management in its line of Business Support Systems. The range of Operational Support Systems includes Mediation, Provisioning, Work Orders, Interconnect Settlements, Reconciliation, Roaming Management, Least Cost Routing, Inventory Management, Directory Listing Management and Dealer Management & Commissions.

A key strength of AvaBill is its real-time speeds and online connectivity for a vast range of key features, including Provisioning, Mediation and Credit Control, and the End-to-End nature of the Product Range . AvaBill products are also convergent - supporting multiple service types such as Fixed Line, Mobile , WiLL, Data/ISP and Cable TV.

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