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PacNOg discusses DNS & Root servers for Pacific Islands....posted 30Nov2010

DNS is critical internet infrastructure and its stability is therefore critical for the internet services.

This was one of the key topics at the PacNOG 8 conference sessions, involving case study discussions and tutorials on its stability & resiliency, security and best practices. Propositions were also discussed for localised root servers in countries for robust and diversified DNS hierachy

PacNOG 8th educational workshop and training was hosted by FSM Telecommunications Corporation, held in Pohnpei, FSM from 22-27 November 2010. PacNOG 8 covered a day of conference and tutorials, followed by 5 days of hands-on training on IPv4/IPv6 routing, OSPF, BGP, Multihoming workshop and Network Moniroting and management tools.

PacNOG is a forum where Pacific Islands ISP/IP network operators and service providers from the telecommunication industry, government, education & research networks, and network operators from enterprises and institutions can convene online and face to face, to exchange on network operational issues, development and receive training.

See for contents and for pictures

PITA aims to raise further discussions from PacNOG with members in the upcoming members meeting and work plan deliberations.

For more information contact PITA Manager

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