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Norfolk Is 03b installation completed and ready for Test....posted 05Sept14

Pictured is the O3B installation completed this week by installers Steve Barnett and Kerry Bartle from Kordia, and the Norfolk Telecom team. The two ground station dishes are now “locked on” and tracking the “West to East” orbiting O3B satellites. The next phase in the project is a rigorous testing period until the 1st October, after which O3B will then be switched into the Norfolk Telecom ADSL network and customers can enjoy the faster internet speeds. From October 1st the bandwidth will be increased  from 20Meg to 50Meg in the first year, with a further increase of 75Meg in year two, out to  100Meg in year 3. O3B is commonly referred to in communication circles as “fibre from the sky”.

Over the next few weeks Norfolk Telecom will be providing advice to customers via email broadcast regarding the O3B implementation as well as the increased ADSL data allowances that will apply effective from 1st October 2014. This will be followed by a settling in period of 2 months where loadings of the network will be reviewed and sub-rates will be able to be offered to corporate customers and Access Seekers that apply for connection to the Telecom copper network. This is an exciting time for the provision of Norfolk Islands internet service and should prove to enhance the user experience immensely.

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