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Tokelau launches its new 4G LTE mobile broadband..........05May17

"Today, is a special day", said the Honourable Mose Pelasio, Minister of Communications of Tokelau, in launching the new 4G LTE Mobile broadband for Tokelau

Picture of Minister launching 4G LTE

Launched on Friday 5th of May, the new network will provide  mobile services to all of Tokelau on 4G access speeds. "There were no mobile services existing before this new launch, so it was one of the best decisions to leapfrog technology and start from the best platform being available", said Mr Tealofi Enosa, Chief Executive Officer of Teletok, the sole telecommunication services provider in Tokelau.

With 4G LTE mobile broadband provided and available on all the three islands of Tokelau, citizens can now access communication features and capabilities of modern technology such as the ones enjoyed in developed countries. Mr Enosa further added that "The mobile broadband launch was in line of achieving both Teletok’s Corporate Plan objectives, and Tokelau’s National Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

PITA says; Congratulations Tokelau

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