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PITA opts to Technology for its AGM amid COVID-19 pandemic... posted 05Mar20

The PITA 24th Annual General Meeting of Members will be held by Circular Resolutions amid the declared outbreak of the Coronavirus disease and the resulting new heightened restrictions for travel and gatherings put in place by several countries.

The meeting by circular resolutions will prioritise on putting into place the essential PITA machinery for 2020, such as Work plan and Budget, report and adoption of audited financials for last FY, appointments and elections, ratification of new member applications and changes, and other related motions needed to be proposed for 2020 operations. Email and advisories on this notice and method are now being sent to member contacts.

PITA convenes more than once in a year, and should the situation be conducive, a similar level conference, side events and exhibitions usually held with the PITA AGMs but now missed out this quarter could be organised with these other planned events later in the year, perhaps at the PITA Digital Strategy Forum in October 2020.

Statement to support efforts by members and countries

PITA fully supports all efforts to raise core capacities of its member countries in preparedness and responding to this outbreak pandemic but particularly also raising members own capacities to implement new policies and initiatives to protect employees, opt for greater use of technologies such as for alerts, online meetings, virtual schools, or working from home to contribute to safety of public. 

In addition to that, some of the initiatives considered by members and in working closely with the key agencies in their jurisdictions would include but not limited to the following

  • activating special emergency COVID-19 lines for reporting and health response teams, and public safety alert messaging services 
  • taking leadership for business and service continuity to lines key for the national efforts or any special plans by the health agencies, border controls and government on this COVID-19, to raise the national core capacities and public safety to deal with this kind of disaster
  • setting up own task action group and external liaison & support committee for the COVID-19 national plans
  • new internal policies (for own organisation) with the emerging risks and outbreak of COVID-19, for employees, customers, work places, including travel, returning from travel, AND greater use of technologies, for employees and public access to work from home etc. etc
    • and, providing an online repository and exchange forum for members to share documentations of new policies, and consult on any new development or questions. 

PITA has already taken precautionary steps to cancel PITA gatherings this quarter that includes its 24th AGM which is now to be held by circular resolutions. Also PITA would remain in touch with key agencies and partners specializing in emergency and disaster communications planning and policies if there should be any new relevant alerts to share.

PITA trusts that every precautionary measures and preparedness would have been taken already into plans and should any member have need for any assistance or exchange with others on this topic for disaster preparedness, response and mitigations,. do feel free to connect and we can put everyone into connection.

For any advanced enquiries and interests, kindly contact the PITA Manager

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