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Pacific Is discusses Internet and Next Generation Telecom Planning......6-9Nov08

With the impact of next generation technologies global implementations and converging transport platforms to IP, the small islands service providers like any other provider in other parts of the world will soon find themselves in a tough position as technical support and popularity of their old traditional and legacy networks and services may soon become part of the past

Over 40 delegates from 10 Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, including participants and speakers from US and Asian countries, met at the PITA workshop on Internet and Next Generation Telecom Planning to discuss way forward and to find new approaches in delivering next generation services and applications within their own environments and issues. Delegates heard presentations and held discussions on the inroads of internet, next generation technolgoies solutions and strategies in balancing the requirement and choices to migrate from legacy networks to open source and applications centric networks. "Because of the element of high cost, the increasingly changing pattern with public using of communication technologies, there is a need for dramatic shifts from the current paradigm and so many questions exist and I am very interested to hear and discuss on the various solutions, technologies and in particular various business & costing models to help me find and develop the most suitable plan for my country" said one of the small island respresentative delegate. Case studies on new roll outs of IP networks were also heard giving synopsis to delegates of the key requirements, challenges, including the benefits and lessons of implementing next generation and IP enabled communication platforms and services.

The workshop was hosted by Reach Global Services jointly with Telstra International with speakers from OVUM, APNIC, ACMA, Reach, Telecom NZ, Telstra, other industry players and technology and solution suppliers, with OVUM Consulting Australia as the workshop consulting partner. Dates held: 6-9 November 2008, Venue was in Sydney.

click here to view agenda and presentations from this workshop

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