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New Caledonia announces its Digital strategy - very high speed 15sep2014

New Caledonia today at the APINC 38 plenary opening session shared their plans to embark on their new digital strategy that include very high speed internet, new access technologies with 3G-4G, FTTH, and applications for key walks of life, such as eGov, education/digital classrooms, eHealth and providing a platform for greater communications and economic activities and growth 

This has entailed them also to start considering and planning for a 2nd Godwana submarine cable, which are on study with possible routes such as to Vanuatu, Fiji, Sydney and others.

Philippe Vergoni, the Deputy Telecom Director of OPT in joining Jean-Francois Grandmougin from the New Caledonia Government, and earlier on Bernard IDOUX, the OPT Telecom Director, said that they would aim at upgrading both wireless and fixed services with wireless 4G platforms offering services and capacity at no differentiating speeds from what is capable from fixed networks.

Also speaking at the APNIC38 Opening Plenary included Ivan Fong the PITA President, followed by the Hon Malcolm Turnbull Minister of Communications, Australia, and Houlin Zhao, ITU Deputy Secretary General

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