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Small Island mobile operators appeal to GSMA.... posted 15Sep18

PITA is pleased to hear of the GSMA’s process to develop a special fee plan for the PITA small island GSM mobile operators.

With the process endorsed at the GSMA Board meeting at the MWC Americas in September this year, the special fee plan is expected to be approved by the GSMA Board Meeting at the MWC in February 2019. The special fee plan is expected to provide financial relief and a fairer method for the small island operators having a few hundreds to two hundred thousand mobile connections. The current lowest fee group, or Tier for joining GSMA, constitute a benchmark relating to the number of mobile connections from zero to one million connections.

This is truly a case of special considerations for the small island operators in the Pacific with a huge demarcation of population and lack of scale of economy as compared to the countries of other regions.

Photo Of PITA Manager (right) with GSMA Director General (centre) and Director for Services at the MWC-A, Sept2018

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